Ken Troutman
Ken TroutmanPastor
A once long-haired hippie in the 70’s, Ken married his sweetheart Patti, and found Christ before the decade was to end. Pastors Ken & Patti have been on a journey of inspiration, education, and leadership with Christ for over 40 years. As a leader, Pastor Ken’s focus and mission is to build people, and frame lives centered on Jesus. Preaching messages that change mindsets. He and his wife consider it a blessing to serve the church with their family of 3 children, a daughter-in-law, and 3 grandbabies!
Patti Troutman
Patti TroutmanSenior Pastor
Patti grew up a California church girl, then she met a long-haired hippie and fell in love. Getting the picture? Pastor Patti has been working in church ministries since she was a teenager. Her energy and enthusiasm are matched only by her commitment to God’s people. She has lead and fostered spiritual growth to the church alongside Pastor Ken all these years. Pastor Patti is instrumental in the women’s, children’s and social ministries at mychurch.
Jordan Troutman
Jordan Troutman Executive Youth Pastor
It is amazing when God starts to get ahold of someone’s heart who was raised in church. And that is what happened to PJ. He began to recognize the reality of Jesus in his own life. Jordan and his wife Stephanie, raising their 3 beautiful children together, believe there is a younger generation that want to know God in a new and personal way. Through the past several years, their ministry has been responsible for touching thousands of teenager’s lives. God has given them a passion and vision to see this generation live a life above reproach and to boldly declare their love for Jesus!
Chuck Penaflor
Chuck PenaflorLead Youth Pastor
Chuck, aka the Giant Filipino, has been the lead youth pastor of Club 365 since 2014. Chuck began student ministry as in intern back in 2006. He is now the founder and Executive Director of the Ascent Internship since its beginning in 2010. The internship focuses on structured spiritual formation, leadership development, and community service for high school students. Chuck is a dynamic and passionate leader who loves to see students experience a full life that only comes from following Jesus.
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