Through observation and evaluation of our 20+ years in Christian ministry and hundreds of relationships formed over those decades, we have concluded that our obedience to Christ’s commission, given first to His original disciples and then to subsequent generations of believers, has empowered us to successfully build people and frame lives.

It’s what Jesus did and continues to do. It is our intention, our mission, our purpose.


Vision is what you see and how one intentionally accomplishes their mission, their purpose.

2 Corinthians 10:13 “We, however, will not boast beyond measure, but within the limits of the sphere which God appointed us – a sphere which especially includes you.” To be responsible to the commission as it pertains to our “sphere,” we have developed an acrostic. It helps us remember how and why we achieve our Mission. We also bear in mind that the resurrection of Jesus, and His nowness, controls the context of these principals.

S piritual; sensitivity to God
P ractical; day to day, common
H elpful; aiding, assisting, being good, useful
E ducational; imparting knowledge to develop character and/or skill
R elational; community, fraternal, human connections
E ternal; everlasting, forever

We apply these principals to our communal sphere of faith, and the rippled and overlapping spheres of family, school, business, & employment.

Follow the chain… Our sensitivity to God influences our everyday lives, thus we are helpful, this example teaches others, which in itself develops a connection, one that started with spirit and leads to eternal spirit.

A basic characteristic of disciples, as the name implies, is to be a student, a learner. No one can fully plumb the depths of His wisdom, yet He is intent to share with creation, hence we are ever learning. Now in our third decade of ministry we are refashioning and retooling our efforts in how we accomplish our purpose. As we are faithful to our sphere, this causes increase that extends beyond it’s limit.

Thus our Mission; building people and framing lives, is accomplished
through our Vision: the principled sphere

We would love to know more about you;
We’d also love to pray for you or provide resources.